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Here you will see my more personal projects. Long term work which in many i continuous working and which constitute the essence of my work. projects in which I search to discover the dark nature of human beings, our contradictions as a species and the contradictions of the world in which we live.



Here you will see the work done for major international journals with which I collaborate. Jobs that have been produced over the recent years and in which the major news events of recent times are collected.


Corporate and comercial

Here you will see my corporate and commercial work produce for major multinational companies, international organizations and government agencies.


March 2014


Colombia is currently has a genuine chance for peace, following more than fifty years of civil war. After the failure of peace negotiations by the government of Andrés Pastrana, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - Army of the People (FARC-EP, the main guerrilla group in the country) and the current government of Colombia have negotiated a peace deal that will mark the end of a conflict and direct the future of the Colombian people.
This report documents the daily life of Colombians living in this remote region, controlled for 50 years by the FARC guerilla.

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